Visions of Linnton


Linnton Board Members Cropped



Who We Are

Visions for Linnton is a watchdog group with the task of monitoring, and responding to, any activity that could negatively impact the living Linnton community. Our choice of weapons will include the recently discovered Portland Code chapter 33.262 – which has been on the City of Portland’s books for about five years. We will seek peaceful solution with cooperation and reasonable compromise so long as the community will not suffer negative impacts from issues protected by the 33.262.






Ordinance 33.262

Press Release for Visions of Linnton



In The News

“Rumor Raises Linnton’s Vigilance” (Oregonian 09/26/07)



In Action

Letter to Linnton Plywood (08/19/07)

Letter to Linnton Plywood (07/03/07)

Letter to Sallie Edmunds – Draft North Reach River Plan (06/16/08)



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