Linnton Community Center Staff:

Susy Kristin, Executive Director

Spanish Exposure Preschool:

Katherine Lefarth, Director

Kathleen Horan, Head teacher

Christina Bezzaro, Lead Spanish Teacher

Alejandra Byers, Spanish Teacher

Youth Activities Staff:

Tim Kristin

Facilities and Maintenance:

Eladio Noda



Susy Kristin, Executive Director

Susy Kristin was born in Peru. She graduated from a Peruvian university and later got her Bachelor’s degree from Portland State University. Susy has traveled to Japan exposing her to the Japanese language and culture. She has Japanese ancestry and lived there for 3 1/2 years. Some of her hobbies are hiking, reading motivational and personal development books, travel and learning about different cultures. She is married and has three girls. Susy has worked at LCC for 13 years and she loves children.

Katherine Lefarth, Director

Katherine graduated from University of St. Louis with a degree major in Elementary Education with an emphasis on Language and Social Studies and post-graduate studies in American Sign Language and German.  She has had fifteen years of experience with teaching children aging from Head Start to High School.  Within that interim, she has been principal/lead teacher of first through eighth grades, teaching the children a love of math, writing, and computer dynamics emphasizing the usage of Excel and Work skills.  This is her eleventh year teaching at the Linnton Community Center. Some of her hobbies include art, decorating, crafts, and gardening she is married and has four children and eight grandchildren.

Kathleen Horan, Head Teacher

Kathleen Horan was born in Fairborn Ohio. Growing up in a family of twelve and being the third oldest, she learned responsibility at a young age. She was going to Regis University when she was accepted to the American Academy of Dramatic arts. The Academy taught her to live in the moment and to teach through creativity. She has been involved in Improv for over 25 years and has been teaching it at Linnton for several years. Using creativity and humor is very important to her when working with the kids, also honoring and embracing each child’s unique personality. Kate is about to receive her CDA in preschool education and has been with the ABC University Preschool for over a year and is looking forward to the upcoming school year.lleen Horan, Head teacher

Christina Bezzaro, Lead Spanish Teacher

Cristina  was born in Argentina, and received her teacher’s certificate at the Aderatrices School in her hometown. After she served for a year as a teacher, she moved to the United States. There she worked in child care for several years. In 2014 she joined LCC as a Spanish teacher. As a single person She likes to socialize with her family and friends. Some of her hobbies are reading, knitting and crocheting. She’s a very busy woman.

Alejandra Byers, Spanish Teacher

Alejandra  is from Mexico. She graduated from the International University of La Paz in Mexico with a degree in Graphic Design. She practiced her career for 5 years. Alejandra worked for 7 years in The State Human Rights Commision of Baja California Sur, Mexico.  Her goal in human rights was to educate children about their rights and obligations and how to detect and confront different types of violence. In 2015 she moved to the United States. In 2018 she joined LCC as a Spanish teacher. She has a teenage son. She is a quiet person, patient and kind. Alejandra likes art and music. Some of her hobbies are outdoor activities, reading and spending time with her family and friends.

Tim Kristin, Youth Activities 

Tim  was born and raised in Linnton. When he was a teenager, he worked for LCC. He attended Skyline Elementary School and graduated from Roosevelt High School. Some of his hobbies are reading and walking and his family. He works a variety of jobs at LCC—His is a preschool teacher, after-school care, summer camp, the Food Pantry and works with the rented gym doing a variety of jobs there. He is married and has three children.










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