The Linnton Community Center MakerSpace will provide community leaders with a place they can share their skills and knowledge through project based activities. With this new program we aim to connect generations, pass down critical skills and life lessons while strengthening the fiber of our community.
We are currently in the process of constructing a large workshop or “Makerspace” that will benefit youth and adults in the community. This program will engage youth in project based activities that help keep them in school, teach them self worth, a sense of community and real life skills. Youth will have access tools and expertise allowing knowledge and skills to pass from one generation to the next.

• Youth will benefit from participation in STEM/STEAM focused activities, and mentorship from community leaders.

• Community members with a desire to create art at any scale, work on projects and build community can share knowledge and a collective workspace.

• These same community members are given the opportunity to share their skills and talents with future generations.

Property has been donated by Multnomah County and corporate and individual partners are pulling together to make this dream a reality. We are currently recruiting participants to serve as a leadership committee for this exciting community program.

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