Linnton Food Pantry, Volunteer Spotlight

If you have visited the Linnton Community Center Food pantry on a Monday or Tuesday lately you may have had the opportunity to meet Gloria Lillethun and Kip Waldron.

It is with great pleasure that I highlight their dedication to providing emergency food to people experiencing hunger in our area. Their hard work and leadership has ensured that every person coming to LCC for assistance received the food they needed to feed their families.

Creating a food secure community is no small feat. Last volunteers at LCC along with a partnership with the Oregon food bank and support from the Clark Foundation made it possible for the Linnton Community Center to feed 13,084 people. Volunteers provided 3,621 emergency food boxes, each with a three to five day supply of well-balanced nutritious food. It is with great respect and admiration that I thank them, our partners and all the volunteers for their efforts this past year.

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