May 2018

Some of us remember dancing around the
Maypole as children on May 1st and leaving baskets of
flowers on neighbors’ doorsteps. April showers has
brought us so many pretty flowers and helped our
outdoor garden to grow.
Our caterpillars are in the cocoon stage now, and
we are anticipating them becoming butterflies. We will
be learning about the language of birds this month and
be able to identify different ones.
The classroom will share special stories about their                                          mothers and will celebrate Cinco de Mayo with
food and dance. Towards the end of the month we will
set up a small campground and talk about how to be safe
and alert as we spend more time having fun outdoors.
Please remember to put sunscreen on your child and
also have extra clothes in case of water play outside.
For health reasons, it is very important that your
child have their own blanket for naptime. Pleas bring
one for the week, and then take it home on Friday to be
Please remember to keep toys at home unless it is
your child’s turn for show and tell.
Teacher Donna is still around.  She is doing some administrative work.

What’s Happening?
• Library Lady
• Roller Skating
• Family movie night
• Tap Dance

For pre-school 503-568-4385


Dates to notice:
Cinco de Mayo May 5th
Mother’s Day May 13th
Memorial Day May 28th Closed

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