Linnton Hungry Families Program

We believe that with the abundance of food in our society no person should go hungry. We back that belief up by rolling up our sleeves and bringing the food to the people who need it each and every week. The Linnton Community Center is a proud partner the Oregon Food Bank . Every Tuesday at 10am volunteers distribute a well-balanced 3-5 day food supply to those in need. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

To Get Involved

• Organize a food drive
• Donate money to purchase food at the food bank for 10 cents a pound
• Volunteer!!

Why, What and How

In our area the rural nature of our neighborhoods, along with infrequent bus service compile to decrease access to food. For many who are struggling in our isolated area this equals hunger. When people are hungry they can’t help themselves. The goal of this program is to feed the hungry and in doing so give them the sustenance they need to participate in society.

The LCC food pantry has consistently maintained its quality and direction. No one in need is ever is sent away without food. Our volunteers go above and beyond to provide quality food and a welcoming experience to those in need. Volunteers provide 100% of all labor in this endeavor, save limited administrative duties. Every Monday two volunteers come in early to restock the shelves, and prepare the storage for the next day. They rotate product as to ensure that nothing sits in the back of a shelf forgotten. The next day they drive to the Oregon Food Bank, load 2000-4000 pounds of food. They then drive the food in one, sometimes two vehicles and are met by more volunteers who then help them to unload the food.

Once unloaded the food is organized into shelves much like a grocery store. An attendant is present near each section; one person helps with vegetables, one with meat, one with dry goods and so on. The clients wait in the upper room for their number to be drawn; food is divided up in order to provide each person with a fair share, no easy task. After all clients have been served we clean up and break down additional boxes, this takes another hour at least. On average this entire process takes 50 hours of volunteer labor weekly.

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