May 2018

Some of us remember dancing around the
Maypole as children on May 1st and leaving baskets of
flowers on neighbors’ doorsteps. April showers has
brought us so many pretty flowers and helped our
outdoor garden to grow.
Our caterpillars are in the cocoon stage now, and
we are anticipating them becoming butterflies. We will
be learning about the language of birds this month and
be able to identify different ones.
The classroom will share special stories about their                                          mothers and will celebrate Cinco de Mayo with
food and dance. Towards the end of the month we will
set up a small campground and talk about how to be safe
and alert as we spend more time having fun outdoors.
Please remember to put sunscreen on your child and
also have extra clothes in case of water play outside.
For health reasons, it is very important that your
child have their own blanket for naptime. Pleas bring
one for the week, and then take it home on Friday to be
Please remember to keep toys at home unless it is
your child’s turn for show and tell.
Teacher Donna is still around.  She is doing some administrative work.

What’s Happening?
• Library Lady
• Roller Skating
• Family movie night
• Tap Dance

For pre-school 503-568-4385


Dates to notice:
Cinco de Mayo May 5th
Mother’s Day May 13th
Memorial Day May 28th Closed

Remembering Douglas Joseph Polk

Douglas “Doug” Joseph Polk

He was born in San Francisco on February 11, 1940 to Wesley & Mary Grace Polk. He died here in Portland, on February 24, 2016, at home, peacefully surrounded by his loving family. He graduated from Parkrose High School in 1957 and attended Stanford University. He served in the Army as a German translator. He spent several years running the Portway Tavern in North Portland with one of his childhood best friends. Doug also ran his own gardening and landscaping business for many years, as well as spent many daylight, twilight, and even nighttime hours working in his own garden, carefully planning and sculpting pathways and plantings. The garden at his house of over 40 years, was in constant flux, with regular new additions of trees, and plants and bulbs, and shrubs. He is survived by his significant other, Terry Daley, daughter and son-in-law, Dara & Kyle Abraham, his two grandchildren, his sister and brother-in-law, Madeline & Jim Rose (live in Pasadena, CA), and his nephews, Jimmy and Chuck Rose (and wife, Lacey), and niece, Betsy Wilson (and husband, John). Doug was a proud Linnton resident for over four decades and was very actively involved in his local community, either in an official capacity by serving on the board of the Linnton Neighborhood Association, or regularly attending neighborhood meetings or citywide meetings as a local resident and advocating for the best needs of the community. He played in, and then became the de facto leader, of a weekly, regularly running game of pick-up basketball, that occurred every ‪Tuesday evening for decades at the Linnton Commnunity Center (and advocated for and included me, his only child, to be the first female to start playing in that game); he played into his late 60s. He also worked on a project for years that involved hours of taped interviews with people involved with the Linnton Plywood Mill. He was an avid Go player (an ancient board game, originating in China). He was a voracious reader, collecting and reading books on every topic and constantly scouring newspapers for information, cutting clippings, and sharing relevant information with family & friends (his attention to detail, of remembering little facts about anyone he came across, was uncanny, and would make the effort to get those pertinent articles relating to those passions to those particular people). His love of sports was evident in his devotion to the Portland Trail Blazers (a season ticket holder since before their championship in 1976; even sticking by them through the “Jail Blazer” era), he had an incredible ability to listen to the radio for hours, cheering on the San Francisco Giants of the MLB, and in his cheering on of the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL. He was unique and lived life on his own terms; if there were several already well-travelled routes to get from point A to point B, he was determined to find a new one, it may have not been the most direct or the quickest, but it was his own. There were no strangers in his life, he chatted easily with anyone he came across, be it the person next to him at a Blazer game or sitting next to him on the bus, or the person serving him his coffee. And he strove to learn about people’s passions, not what they did for a living/to earn a wage, but what fulfilled them. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Human Solutions (503-548-0200 or

The Linnton Community Center is Hiring a Summer Lifeguard

LCC is looking for a certified lifeguard to work in our summer camp program. Schedule is 10 am – 3 pm, three days a week (Wednesday, Thursday Friday). Camp runs from June 13 through August 19th.

The Linnton Community Center provides children and youth in the Linnton and surrounding neighborhoods with a fun, meaningful and educational summer. Activities include daily field trips to natural areas, park, swimming pool and local farms. LCC summer camp focuses on STEAM education, environmental stewardship, positive action, nutrition, community building, gardening, and Fun!

Must have valid lifeguard and CPR certifications.


LCC’s food pantry from a client’s perspective

My name is Katherine Pauley. I am a 29-year-old Portland native. This is my testament as to how the Linnton Community Center Food Bank has positively affected the lives of my little family.

Almost a year ago now, my mother in law suggested to me that I try out the food pantry on highway 30 in Linnton. That first time was overwhelming and exciting. I was immediately aware of how warm and welcoming the entire staff is. It was very apparent that everyone there puts their hears and souls into this work. I was awe struck at the quality of food the team strives to provide us. The saying “beggars can’t be choosers” does not apply at the Linnton Community Center Food Bank. I walk away from that pantry with the confidence that despite my low socio-economic status, I will no longer be forced to prepare unhealthy garbage for my family. After receiving that kind of genuine consideration, it tends to make one feel like less of a burden. The most important thing the Linnton Community Center Food Bank has given me is having eliminated my fear and shame that comes with being unable to provide my child with fresh, healthy food on a consistent basis. You can’t put a price on that sense of relief.

I have also been blessed with the opportunity of getting to know this beautiful community through volunteering. I have learned a great deal about myself and the world through this experience. My hope is to continue with volunteering as often as I can, as well as to get more involved.

I am genuinely grateful I came across this humble and inviting space. They have changed the way we see ourselves and given us hope. This place has changed my life and I can only imagine masses of people eager to say the same. To me, I see the ethos of Linnton Community Center Food Bank as being revolved around uplifting and elevating any and everyone who crosses their thresholds. I can’t think of any other place like it and hope it is around for years to come.

Thank you for your time.



Kate Pauley

LCCers spring sign up open now!

The LCCers are a children’s comedy troupe that meet during after-school youth activities at the Linnton Community Center.
Kate Horan, instructor for the troupe graduated from “The American Academy of Dramatic Arts”. Performed Stand Up at “The Comedy Store” and studied with “The Groundlings” a Premier Improv group in Los Angeles California.  She also performed with “Scenic Overbite” and “Comedy Helper” at Comedy Works in Denver Colorado.  Has over 20 years experience, Acting, Directing and Teaching.
Kate is dedicated to teaching local children the craft of acting.  She fosters an environment that allows children to experience the benefits of acting that include; self-confidence, active listening and the ability to work collaboratively as part of a team. Kate is providing this opportunity at no cost to the participants. If you are interested in having your children participate please contact LCC for more information.

Summer supply wish list

Lightly Used Equipment Wanted!

If you are like me you may have a few things in your garage or basement that have not seen the light of day for some time. Chances are, we can use them at LCC! Please consider donating your lightly used equipment; We Need:

Sports equipment: cones, pinnies, tennis rackets, soccer balls, softball/baseball gear, footballs, volleyballs and lacrosse.

Garden supplies: watering cans, soil, garden trowels, shovels.

Yard games: croquet, bocce, badminton, Frisbees.

Art supplies: paintbrushes, paint, markers, construction paper and glue.


Community Teaching Kitchen is fully funded!

Thanks to Metro, The Oregon Community foundation and The Clark Foundation the Linnton Community Center Teaching Kitchen is soon to be a reality!

The kitchen will be built under the Emergency Food Pantry on site at LCC and extend into a covered area behind the bathroom on the playground. The facility will transform underutilized space into a beautiful community-gathering place where people can come together around food, nutrition education and culture.

The layout of this new facility will be open and multifunctional making it accessible to multiple programs and the community at large. The kitchen will be accessible through the gym and have three range tops, a series of sinks and large movable tables in the middle. This layout will create space for cooking, teaching classes, apportioning food for emergency distribution as well as storage of food and equipment for cooking and serving.

The new kitchen will provide a gathering place for volunteers and friends to prepare meals during community cultural events and fundraisers. It will vastly improve LCC’s ability to serve the community by providing space for nutrition education to youth, families, and people accessing the food bank. The Kitchen will create meaningful volunteer opportunities, opportunities to generate additional revenue through rentals and serve as an economic incubator for food centric business ideas in the community.

Skyline students organize food drive collecting 86 lbs. of food!

For the third consecutive year, skyline student Clara Earl has organized a food drive to help combat hunger in the community. Clara and two friends, Anna Whitworth and Sophie Warner collected 86 lbs. of food from fellow skyline students. The food helps to stock shelves at the Linnton Community Center emergency food pantry. Clara and friends called their food drive Food From the Heart and made it a friendly competition between classes at skyline. We are truly impressed with their dedication and hard work.

Boffer Fencing Spring Break Camp!

Ayla Armor

Boffer Fencing!

Spring Break Day Camp at the Linnton Community Center!

Children build safe and fun boffer fencing swords and armor; learn real fencing skills, military tactics and above all Chivalry.

Classes are led daily by High Constable Sir Grant and his assistants from the Mountain and Rose offer guild!

The Details

March 21st – March 25th

Hours: 7 am to 6pm

We offer breakfast from 7:00 am to 9:00 am and provide morning and

afternoon snacks.

Bring Sack Lunches

Tuition is $30 per day

$20 for members.

To sign up: Call (503) 286 4990 or email

The LCC adds air conditioning to a long list of upgrades to its historic facility.

Thanks to the Oregon Community Foundation the participants in programs at the Linnton Community Center are looking forward to a comfortable summer. Air conditioning systems have recently been installed in the meeting hall and gymnasium. Despite the fact that some will morn the loss of afternoon “Hot Yoga” These upgrades are a welcome addition as they make our community spaces far more useful during the summer months. Thanks OCF!